Do not fail her anymore.

Five years ago, we came on to streets in massive outrage protesting against Jyoti Singh’s brutal rape demanding justice.

It’s been five years and rapes have not even reduced in number, let alone cease to happen.
Today, five years from then, when I read about a woman from Rohtak being raped, her skull and face smashed with a brick and left for stray dogs to feed on, I wonder if it’s the rapists to be blamed or us?

Isn’t every rape equally brutal and barbaric?
If so then where is the outrage we showed five years back?
Have we again become dormant?

Or do we need something even more monstrous to happen to wake us from our slumber?

Or have crimes like these lost their shock value so much that every time we read it in the newspapers, we sigh and then very conveniently turn the page to the entertainment section?

Does it not wrench our guts any more to hear that a 10 year old girl was raped and impregnated by her stepfather? Ten years old!

Or has news like a Sikkimese woman being abducted and gangraped become an everyday occurrence for us?

Death sentence to the culprits of December 2013 has undoubtedly been a monumental achievement for our society.
But is that all? Does it stop here?

The justice would have satisfied her if she were alive. But I’m sure, more than that she would’ve wanted that no girl or woman ever has to go through that kind of trauma again.
Is that happening? No.

We, as a society, are failing her.
In the last five years, plenty of women have met the same fate as her. Let’s not forget that our incessant and unyeilding support was an important factor that brought her justice. Let’s straighten our spines and bear no more.

Hereafter, whenever we comfortably turn the pages or sigh at a heinous crime or give our condolences, let’s feel ashamed that we’re failing jyoti.
Not just her. We’re failing our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, strangers.

We’re failing them all.

And before we fail them anymore, let’s act.

Let’s react.

~ Ayushi Dixit



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