Chasing the horizon

​You saw it. The orange, red and blue blending perfectly together. Forming a natural mangnum opus.


One thing lead to another and before you could realize, you were already chasing it.
Enchanted. Bewitched. Enamoured.
Every time you tried to catch hold, it moved further away. You ran faster. Tried harder. You reached out with your arms wide open. 

All in vain.

With exhaustion dripping off your forehead and your heart screaming ‘lub-dub’ at the top of its frequency, your wobbly legs ultimately give up. 

Meanwhile, the horizon didn’t near even an inch.

Panting, you seated yourself on the ground, trying to collect your breath and contemplating your love and your failure in consummating it.
You discern the nature of your journey. Futile.
The horizon, undoubtedly, was a cosmic beauty that kept you running like a voodoo doll. Only to realize at the end that no amount of running could bring you closer to it. And the best you could make out of the situation was to accept the truth and appreciate the horizon from afar.
Irrespective of your magnanimous love for someone, you can’t always have them. All you can do is acknowledge the truth and keep going on with your life.

Chasing the horizon is futile.

And sometimes, just sometimes, so is love. 

~ Ayushi Dixit



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