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Static in Motion

Lightning curls up Around the dark slender neck of September sky Like a million tiny pearls Entwined in a string of silver In this moment, Indra is kind. Eight seconds later, Thunder erupts The sky explodes, almost dropping The shattered macrocosm upon me. Except that it doesn't. The sadist cackles for a while, The cacophony… Continue reading Static in Motion

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Swat Them Away

I was told That if I bore flowers, I'd attract bees So I grew thorns And found myself Among rows of roses Each having dewy fresh scarlet petals And thorns all over the stalk That pricked each other more Than keep the bees away Forming a bubble of imposed conceit Making us hurt ourselves So… Continue reading Swat Them Away

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Panic Please

This message is for every human being, but wants to appeal specially to people who have children or care about them. *(I BEG YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE THING. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MID WAY. THIS IS LITERALLY THE LEAST YOU CAN DO)* Background information: #Co2 in atmosphere has reached highest levels in 3 million… Continue reading Panic Please

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An Heirloom Called Love

It’s easy to look up to Women who carry their body Like it was a home God built for them Himself A magnificent residence for their relentless soul With resilience as bricks And courage as mortar Women who know that perfection is propaganda And that an hour-glass is something one measures time with Women who… Continue reading An Heirloom Called Love